The ReportUFC 160 Recap and What’s Next

Well UFC 160 lived up to the billing as an action packed and hard hitting card! We saw 5 fights end via KO or TKO and of the remaining 7 (1 submission in there) 2 others could have ended via KO easily. There were more storylines in this PPV than an episode of WWE Raw as we saw the emergence of a superstar in TJ Grant, the end of the legendary career of Forrest Griffin,...

Well UFC 160 lived up to the billing as an action packed and hard hitting card! We saw 5 fights end via KO or TKO and of the remaining 7 (1 submission in there) 2 others could have ended via KO easily. There were more storylines in this PPV than an episode of WWE Raw as we saw the emergence of a superstar in TJ Grant, the end of the legendary career of Forrest Griffin, Cain proving he has what it takes to be the most dominant HW champ in recent memory, JDS return to form and much more. So lets take a look back on this legendary night and then see what’s next.

#6 Donald Cerrone defeats KJ Noons via decision

This fight saw the return of the Cowboy after a horrible loss to Anthony Pettis last January. His striking looked crisp, leg kicks were vicious and his takedowns were unstoppable. KJ may chalk this one up to “UFC debut jitters” but he better get back to form because he looked nothing like someone who was an 11-2 pro boxer or a former EliteXC Champion. Cerrone did what he wanted when he wanted for three rounds.

What’s Next:

Cerrone: If it wasn’t for TJ Grants HUGE win later in the card I would say this win puts Cerrone in the top 5 but that isn’t happening. I do see a showdown with Grant or Josh Thomson in his future, perhaps even a rematch with Nate Diaz (doubtful due to his suspension) which I know from talking to Cerrone he wants very much.

Noons: He did not live up to the billing tonight that he has earned throughout his career. He was thrown to the wolves with this being his debut fight but that is the way the UFC treats new guys with big names (Thompson got Diaz, Rockhold got Belfort and so on) so with this in mind he must prove his worth in his next fight. I could see a guy like Jim Miller in his future.

#5 TJ Grant defeats #3 Gray Maynard via TKO (punches) KNOCKOUT OF NIGHT

What a showing by TJ who was a relative “dark horse” before this fight. I overheard many people asking “who is this guy” and my twitter was buzzing all week with how Gray would dominate this fight. Well TJ had other plans and if you didn’t know his name before you do now! This guy is an animal and is a force to be reckoned with in the division. This is his second Knockout Of The Night Award. Gray didn’t show much offense in this fight and had no answer once TJ landed the first bomb. I saw this as a very late stoppage as Gray was done the first time he stumbled, maybe even the second I would have been fine with but the third time was overkill. Can’t blame TJ for not stopping because Gray is one of the guys you have to put away just ask Frankie Edgar.

What’s Next:

Grant: This fight was for the #1 contender spot in the division but I don’t think Grant will get the next shot. Here is why: Aldo fights Pettis at UFC 163 and if (that’s a big IF) Aldo wins he gets a shot at Benson Henderson and the Lightweight title. So if I am TJ I am praying to who ever he prays to that Aldo loses that fight so he can face Benson riding this momentum because if not I see him getting screwed over like Pettis has been over the last year.

Maynard: This loss hurt because he looked so bad in it. This was not the typical Gray Maynard I know he will bounce right back. I could see him facing off vs former #1 contender Gilbert Melendez or Pat Healy.

#4 Glover Teixeira submits James Te-Huna via Guillotine Choke. SUBMISSION OF NIGHT

This fight on paper made sense but to the educated eye it didn’t make much sense. Yes, James was on a 4 fight win streak but vs guys like Jimmo, Beltran and Rosa. None of those names are top ten guys and because he wins 4 in a row he gets to face the savage known as Glover Teixeira? Glover proved his ground game is as good as people say it is and I thought his stand up didn’t look to bad vs a guy who is known for only stand up in Te-Huna. The two exchanged for about 2 minutes then Glover decided he wanted to end the fight so he took Te-Huna down and went to work. Te-Huna showed his inexperienced ground game and was forced to tap.

What’s Next:

Teixeira: He has to be in the top three now with guys like Gustafsson and Machida. I would love to see him face either one and as the war of words on Twitter heats up between Champion Jon Jones and Gustafsson it seems like we may see a war between Glover and Machida which would be AMAZING! If you are a true MMA fan this is a fight you would love to see.

Te-Huna: I don’t put too much weight on this loss, Glover is a Top 4 guy in the division and it would have been a huge upset, it didn’t happen so he moves on. I think he may see a more stand up guy in next fight like a Bader or Jimi Manuwa which are still big name guys.

#1 Junior Dos Santos knocks out #9 Mark Hunt (spinning heel kick and punch) FIGHT OF NIGHT

This was one of those fights where you don’t want to pick a winner because you like both guys but this fight lived up to the billing and it was a war! JDS landed huge jabs and his boxing looked back to form from the Cain fight and Hunt proved to be a tank with feet. He landed some great shots but it just wasn’t enough. JDS’s jab was a deciding factor and his lone takedown of the fight really seemed to exhaust Hunt. No one in their right mind would have predicted a spinning heel kick to win but JDS pulled it out of his bag of tricks and it landed high but took Hunt down and he pounced. Great fight for both men.

What’s Next:

JDS: Title shot vs Cain. Got to love a best out of 3 title series!

Hunt: Hope to see him back in cage ASAP. I could see him facing Bigfoot, Reem or Nelson.

Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva via TKO (punches)

Rematch with the same result minus the crazy amount of blood. Was it an early stoppage?? Perhaps but don’t kid yourself Silva was not making it out of the next 4 minutes of ground and pound. In fact I feel the stoppage was good as he was on knees and fell to head for second time and was not blocking a punch. Yes, Cain did land a punch straight to the back of the head but the fight was over by then. Cain is a bad man and I really think he may be the most dominant champion we see in this division for a long time if he beats JDS in the best of 3.

What’s Next:

Cain: It was announced after PPV the fight with JDS is a “no brainer” according to Dana White.

Bigfoot: Would love to see him face Mark Hunt next or Werdum, those could be amazing.


Former Light Heavyweight Champion, Forrest Griffin who was also the winner of the first season of TUF in which he defeated Stephan Bonner in what many call “the most important MMA fight of all time” because it opened the world’s eye to the UFC HAS RETIRED! The 33 year old has seen many amazing feats in his 9 year UFC career which included beating Rampage for the title in the 2007’s Upset of the year, defeating UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz in a best of three series which included the 2006 Fight of the Year (he ended his career with a win vs Tito) as well as 5 Fight of the Nights and one Submission of the Night award. We here at would like not only thank Forrest for all the memories but wish him the best in whatever he does in the future.